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I'm not too sure if even Google can manage to crawl an AJAX, or GWT website successfully. So just in case, here is a complete Site Dump of the contents of the website, so that the web crawlers and robots can have something good to consume!

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Find out more about the resources and skills that your business can harness.  From Internet websites to Intranet Distributed Applications, GWT Contractor can aid you in providing the best Distributed Web Application skills for your business.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Flash and Actionscript serviced by Apache, Tomcat or IIS are the core technologies in bringing a new Web experience for you and your customers.  Core backend languages such as PHP, ASP.NET or Java can be used to deliver up to date information direct to your browser.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) provides a base framework which formalises these distributed environments into one homogeneous module.  Providing a known and trusted framework for your development strategies.

Find out more today, Check out the Demos, and then get in touch.


The demonstrations listed below are:

GWT Maps This is a Google Map interfaced for Lets Holiday Scotland, There are properties registered within the system, the filter interogates these properties and displays only those which match the filter criteria, the full application may be found at
Flash Charts By using components such as charts, online metrics may be presented to the users in real time.  In this demonstration we are using Open Flash Charts.
Dashboard Designs Customers are moving more and more to Dashboards to control their businesses and access reporting.  Google Web Toolkit, with the power of Flash allows real time, up to the minute metrics reporting.
Applications All manner of thin client applications can be developed with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).  The need to manually deploy applications to the user is a thing of the past.  All that is needed now is an AJAX enabled browser such as internet Explorer or Firefox.
Simple Ajax However, simple Ajax, is simply complicated!  This website is completely written using manual Ajax and Javascript coding:

Booking Wizard

This is an on-line booking system which facilitates the automatic booking and deposit taking for self catering accommodation.  It is really created in English, but is interfaced with Google translate and uses internationalisation to provide the booking environment in any language.  Check it out at

GWT Maps,

Using Google API's, we can harness the powers of the Map world.  Please wait while the map loads....


In this example we are using Open Flash Charts.  But as you can imagine, we can harness any Flash applications of our choice.

This chart provides the 3-month moving total beginning in 2004 of IT contractor jobs citing GWT within the UK as a proportion of the total demand within the Application Development category.


Becoming more and more common place, dashboards are leading the way with the thin client revolution.  Providing real time applications with minimum client installation.  This demonstration requires a bit more screen space, so click on the screen shot below and it should jump into life.  Please remember and wait a few moments for the application to download and cache to your browser.


 view dashboard


Application AdministrationApplications

The web browser has become the ideal presentation component for any application regardless of its complexity and the preferred client for the three tier application model.

To the right is a screen shot of the administration section of a recent dashboard development. 

The administration module for this application is extremely sophisticated.  Each change in each of the different tree sections results in options within other sections updating also. 

Unfortunately this application is Intra-net only and is not available on the Internet for you to see.  But I can arrange a demo if you contact me direct.




My Face CardGoogle Web Toolkit (GWT) is the ideal frameworks to provide reliable AJAX applications.

However, just to emphasise the point, I have been working in raw javascript, with AJAX technology for a number of years, so as a mechanic would say....  "I do actually know what is going on under the bonnet"

Check out My Face Card, a full javascript/AJAX website, written manually.


I have quite an eclectic skill set, and if I don't know it, but I need it, then I go and get it.
SQL Server
Spam Assassin

IT Consultancy
Application Concepts
Requirements Documents
Configuration Management
System Documentation
Report Writing
Business Analysis
System Analysis


The fun part is, I am still learning, every day I get new challenges and new problems to solve.

Contact Me

If you would like to send me your comments, or would like me to get back to you, please fill in the form below or contact me direct on the details below:
Chuck Pettigrew
GWT Contractor
 T:  +44 (0) 141 416 1490
M: +44 (0) 778 996 3095
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About Me

Below is a brief outline of my Curriculum Vitae / Resumé.  If you require any further information or reference details then please contact me.
Automatic Meter Reading Dashboard
Creation and deployment of a dashboard that can take smart metering information and display the metrics in an easy to understand format.  Drill down on the metrics, do comparative analysis and simple modelling of existing data.  Have Carbon Analysis at your fingertips, make decisions on the management of your energy.

This information can be used to save energy and money.  Configure alarms that can send alert emails or SMS messages.  Why not call the heating engineer direct when a problem is detected?

Let's Holiday Scotland
Creating, developing and deploying a fully functional holiday let website.  The GWT component is the Google Map API, this pinpoints, locates and displays all the available properties within the website, based on the users One-click filter selection.

Business Improvement Dashboard
An intranet/internet enabled AJAX dashboard, which takes the Business Improvement idiom from my client and creates an operational closed loop web application environment for the management of multi-area, multi-site production and manufacture. This is a fully operational Ajax and Flash application which creates a portal with which exceptions within the production and business environment can be easily identified and a solution implemented. As with all closed loop systems, the exception reports, with corrective measures are fed back into the system to facilitate the resolution of similar problems in the future.
Website is restricted, but demonstration can be supplied upon request.

IT Manager / Consultant
Reshaped and developed the whole IT delivery strategy from both an end user and backend perspective. Freeing up main IT resources to concentrate more on IT systems development projects.

Internet / intranet:
Introduction of intranet with integration to third party vendors to provide seamless web based applications, such as client opening environments to conform to the Law Society of Scotland money laundering guidelines.
Integration to other third party web apps to provide online, real time money laundering services.
Development and release of fully automated extranet to allow clients access to their client legal information via a secure https services.

Remote Site integration
Planned and commissioned the deployment of a third remote site based in Hamilton, introduction a full standalone subnet connected to host site (Glasgow) via VPN (UDP/IPSEC) over SDSL link.

Associate IT consultant with Bishops Consulting, advising and auditing vendor sites and making IT recommendations.

Banking Systems
Completed the successful integration of the Internet web banking application into the production environment for the bank. This involved integration of the security environment with the back end web servers and the Oracle relational databases (Oracle HA on sun cluster). As well as the integration, there was also application development using all available Unix tools. Application development environment was in Java (J2EE). Such as automatic emailing, automatic reporting from the databases. File transfers, secure server builds with servers in the Bank’s DMZ.

Also worked for some time as Unix administrator and support personnel and was deeply involved in the full Enterprise environments with SAN and High availability technology. With more than my fair share of commissioning, cabling and installing these servers physically and also bringing these servers online within a jumpstart environment as well as manual installations.

All of the above provided upon OS: Sun Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8 on Sun Enterprise systems.

Packard Bell/ NEC
Initiated in the full integration and development of the latest Peoplesoft product. Peoplesoft were introducing their ERP system to compliment their HR environment. Again this was an enterprise system and integration was performed using UNIX and windows environments. Developed Shop floor system process improvements, such as the Engineering Information System, ERP interfacing and shop floor data integrity

Java Development to integrate ERP system data from an Oracle database and publish these reports on a common website. This distributed information approach ensures up to date system integration with minimal database query requests.

Integration development of a process, which allowed the population of an access database from, combined data sources of an Oracle database and an XL marketing spreadsheet. This development was instrumental in reducing lead-times of very important marketing information and prices to the e-commerce website.

D2D (Electronic motherboard manufacturer)
Configured test processes in the outsource production of SUN Netra systems in Manchester. Also developed a shop floor tracking system to highlight failed systems. Use of tcl/tk and all other Unix scripting tools to achieve desired goal.

Sun Micro-Systems
Senior member of Sun’s technical SFDM (Shop Floor Data Management) team. Goals are to ensure a global synchronisation between multiple sites and the production of a distributed software environment, which may be used within these sites without modification. Application development involved administration knowledge and an in-depth knowledge of the SUN UNIX environment. FTP, sendmail, csh, sh, ksh, awk, Java.

Other Example Sites
See for up to date list of previous web contracts.


Technical Overview
Languages: C/C++/C#, Visual Basic Java, all UNIX Shells (csh,ksh,awk, etc..), J2EE, tcl/tk,
• Web Languages: PHP, Javacript, JSP, HTML, Perl, GWT, AJAX, ASP.NET, Flash (Flex & ActionScript)
• Web Services: SOAP, Money Laundering, Google Maps, Google Translation
• Web Servers: Apache, IIS, Sun One (Iplanet), tomcat
• Security: Entrust, GetAccess, https, Secure Shell and network security.
• Enterprise Systems: Veritas, Legato Backup, Sun Cluster High Availability (ver 2.2).
• Systems Administration: Sun UNIX, AIX, Linux, Windows
• Systems installation: Unix, Linux and All windows products
• Relational Databases: SQLServer, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, JDBC, PL/SQL
• Server Builds: SUN Jumpstart., remote Install on Windows